Solstice Canyon Engagement | Chandra and Joe

It was my first time and Solstice Canyon and I have to say that I was blown away! As an east coast girl who grew up going to a high school with its own farm animals, seeing rolling hills of green, tall trees, and the sound of a moving stream made me feel like I was in Maryland again. Chandra and Joe are were just so much fun to hang out with. They are high school sweethearts (I’ve had a lot of those lately which makes me so happy!), and I absolutely adored Chandra’s dress from Lulu’s. She had her hair and makeup done by the talented Dana of Cheek to Cheek Makeup Artistry and looked absolutely stunning for her photos! Her and Joe are such easy going people and it’s their love for each other is so obvious. I cannot wait for their wedding in July at Walnut Grove and I am sure it is going to be a fun and beautiful day!


Joe and Chandra-2Joe and Chandra-4Joe and Chandra-5Joe and Chandra-9Joe and Chandra-13Joe and Chandra-15Joe and Chandra-68Joe and Chandra-32Joe and Chandra-19Joe and Chandra-35Joe and Chandra-22Joe and Chandra-24Joe and Chandra-67Joe and Chandra-27Joe and Chandra-36Joe and Chandra-51Joe and Chandra-65Joe and Chandra-56Joe and Chandra-66Joe and Chandra-57Joe and Chandra-62Joe and Chandra-71Joe and Chandra-80Joe and Chandra-82Joe and Chandra-85Joe and Chandra-90Joe and Chandra-94

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