Ojai Ranch Engagement | Marisa and Jason

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing Marisa and Jason who are two high school sweethearts! They are both horse ranchers in Ojai who take care of over 50 horses, and it was only fitting to shoot their photos right there on the ranch. It was amazing to see what goes into ranching and learn about their barrel racing, roping, and how they provide horseback tours through Ojai (I hope I’m saying all of the correct terms!). I also got to meet mini-horses, a bull, Marisa’s cow, and a baby cow named Wiggles. It was a such a fun day and I am sure their wedding on the ranch is going to be absolutely gorgeous. The day we did their photos also just-so-happened to be their 9 year anniversary. How sentimental! Enjoy!

Jason and Marisa-2Jason and Marisa-13Jason and Marisa-19Jason and Marisa-24Jason and Marisa-26Jason and Marisa-29Jason and Marisa-34Jason and Marisa-40Jason and Marisa-44Jason and Marisa-42Jason and Marisa-46Jason and Marisa-54Jason and Marisa-57Jason and Marisa-63Jason and Marisa-83Jason and Marisa-91Jason and Marisa-96

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