Dream Honeymoon to Greece: Looking Back One Year Later

As some of you know, my first wedding anniversary was the other day (yay!). I then realized that exactly one year ago to the day I was boarding a plane to Greece, which then made me remember that I have an ENTIRE forgotten photo album full of amazing pictures sitting on my old laptop. So, I dusted off the old HP and decided to post some of the photos from my incredible honeymoon! I included some cell phone shots just because I didn’t take my DSLR with me everywhere we went (such as free climbing a giant rock formation!) and to dinner, so some of the images might appear a little fuzzy. But that’s okay because I want you to see these amazing photos!

My husband Nick is Greek, making Greece his first (and only) choice for a honeymoon destination. I was a little on the fence about it considering the height of their economic instability was right when we started planning, however after some convincing and a couple of glasses of wine I decided we should go for it. My husbands ideal honeymoon is relaxing, soaking up the sun, eating good food, and indulging in delicious alcoholic beverages. While my ideal honeymoon is also the same way, I love exploring history and different cultures as well. We are both very active people so there’s only so many hours and consecutive days we can lay on a beach or by the pool before we get bored. So, we decided to create our honeymoon with a mixture of all of the above and it was perfect. We agreed to stay in picturesque Santorini for 5 nights and then Athens for 5 nights. Santorini would be our relaxing location and Athens would be the place we would go to explore Greek culture and history. Perfect! Our only regret about our planning process is that we didn’t go to Athens first and Santorini second. We left Santorini feeling very relaxed and on cloud nine, then we got to busy and bustling Athens and we were utterly exhausted after a couple of days of excursions and hiking (let me tell you, the walk to the Acropolis is not easy!), not to mention 100 degree heat on our last 2 days there. Our last day in Athens we literally did nothing because it was so dang hot outside(104 degrees) and most places are open air with no air conditioning. While I’ll get into our overall experience later, I do need to say that Greece is the most amazing place I have ever been and both my husband and I think about it daily. If you are unsure if Greece is the right place for your honeymoon or even just to vacation, I guarantee you it is worth every penny.









Greece (1 of 76)Greece (2 of 76)

This is the gorgeous view from the top of our hotel, the Pegasus Suites and Spa (which I now believe has been renamed the Pegasus Hotel and Spa). Everything about Pegasus was amazing; the location, the staff, the service, the food, the drinks, the room, and of course the spa. Our rating of this hotel is definitely 5/5 stars. The staff was so welcoming and they actually took their time to get to know you (while providing free champagne while you waited for your taxi!) and we hugged them all when we left. It is located in the town of Imerovigli which was perfect for us. It was only a 5-10 minute walk to their capital which is where much of the nightlife, shops, and restaurants were. Imerogivili was not crowded full of tourists and vacationers and was quiet, often times we felt like we were the only people at our hotel. There were no crying children, loud music, or clanking dishes nearby thankfully. Oia is the very popular town where many people stay to watch the world renowned sunsets, however it is extremely crowded and we are pleased we did not stay there. We saw some pretty spectacular sunsets just fine from our hotel!

Greece (3 of 76)Greece (4 of 76)

Our room had it’s own jacuzzi! How cool is that!

Greece (6 of 76)Greece (8 of 76)Greece (9 of 76)

That little tower is actually a private honeymoon villa! So cute!

Greece (10 of 76)12011387_10153039157121479_6345623817897751624_n

Our view from the Pegasus restaurant ❤

Greece (11 of 76)Greece (12 of 76)Greece (14 of 76)Greece (15 of 76)Greece (16 of 76)

Our balcony also had an outdoor hot tub as well!

Greece (17 of 76)Greece (18 of 76)

Breakfast was served every morning on your own private balcony. We chose our menu items and the delivery time the night before.

Greece (19 of 76)Greece (20 of 76)Greece (21 of 76)Greece (23 of 76)Greece (24 of 76)Greece (25 of 76)Greece (26 of 76)Greece (27 of 76)Greece (28 of 76)

This is Skaros Rock, a natural rock formation that formed after a volcanic eruption thousands of years ago. Pictures of our climb to the top are below!

Greece (29 of 76)Greece (30 of 76)Greece (31 of 76)

We booked a sunset cruise around the Aegean Sea which was fabulous. We were joined by 3 other honeymooning couples from all over the world and enjoyed a home cooked meal prepared on board by the captain.

Greece (33 of 76)Greece (34 of 76)Greece (35 of 76)Greece (36 of 76)Greece (37 of 76)12038397_10153039187791479_2995718835103305542_n12049544_10153039187836479_4381118358905446997_n12004093_10153039187906479_34026087471000645_n

On our third day we went to Perivolos Beach, also known as the Black Beach. The sand is made up of tiny volcanic rock.

Greece (38 of 76)Greece (39 of 76)Greece (40 of 76)Greece (41 of 76)Greece (42 of 76)Greece (43 of 76)12049618_10153039170266479_6442967233948977875_n

Hiking to Skaros Rock. There is literally no way to get up to the top other than to free climb with no ropes or harnesses. It took us a couple of tries but we finally made it! The views were spectacular!

12042829_10153039170386479_3279527051269990824_n12038378_10153039170811479_369398509132868922_nGreece (44 of 76)








The Acropolis Museum had just recently opened and was great!

Greece (45 of 76)

Temple of Zeus

Greece (47 of 76)Greece (48 of 76)Greece (49 of 76)Greece (50 of 76)

There were many stray cats and dogs around Athens. I wanted to take all of them home in my suitcase!

Greece (52 of 76)Greece (53 of 76)

On day 3 of Athens we went on a day trip with a tour group all around Greece. We stopped at the Corinth Canal, one of only 3 canals in the entire world where people were bungee jumping off of the bridge over top. We then stopped at the Mycenae Archaeological Site, Tomb of Agamemnon, quaint town of Nafplio, and the ancient Epidaurus Theratre.

Greece (54 of 76)Greece (55 of 76)Greece (56 of 76)Greece (57 of 76)Greece (59 of 76)Greece (61 of 76)12004972_10153039221336479_7858020415279610080_nGreece (62 of 76)Greece (64 of 76)12032755_10153039220046479_6331498166796169209_o

Day four we saw the Acropolis and Temple of Hephaestus. The walk up to the Acropolis was quite long especially in the Mediterranean heat. Also, if you are planning to visit, be advised that the stairs leading up to the top are all the original stone and they are slippery from being worn down and walked on so many times. Wear shoes that wont slide!

Greece (65 of 76)Greece (66 of 76)Greece (67 of 76)Greece (68 of 76)Greece (69 of 76)Greece (70 of 76)Greece (71 of 76)Greece (72 of 76)Greece (73 of 76)Greece (74 of 76)Greece (76 of 76)

On our last night we ate at a wonderful outdoor restaurant at the base of the Acropolis and it was a beautiful site seeing it lit up at night. Our honeymoon was even better than I ever imagined and both of us dream of going back sometime in 2017. The culture and hospitality of the Greek people was marvelous and I urge everyone to go there if you ever get the chance! Feel free to message me if you have any questions on specific locations and experiences and I’ll be happy to answer them! Until next time!



Santa Ana Engagement | April & Patrick

Yesterday on August 14 I attended a wedding workshop in Santa Ana held by Joe and Mirta Barnet of Barnet Photography. It was great and I highly recommend it to wedding photographers! During the workshop I was fortunate enough to do a quick 5 minute engagement shoot for April and Patrick who are tying the knot in 2017. The sun was high and beating down on us and there were absolutely zero beautiful locations to shoot at since we only had a couple of minutes. We chose to do their pictures up against a garage door in an industrial park and I am absolutely in love with their photos! All you need is some confidence, a couple of good posing techniques, (and it doesn’t hurt that they were both extremely attractive as well!) and most of all to have some fun! With those tools you can create beautiful photographs no matter where you are. I hope you enjoy!

Patrick & April-2 comboPatrick & April-3Patrick & April-6 comboPatrick & April-7Patrick & April-19Patrick & April-10Patrick & April-11 comboPatrick & April-13Patrick & April-14Patrick & April-16Patrick & April-5 comboPatrick & April-17Patrick & April-18Patrick & April-8

West LA Proposal | Kevin and Tiffany

I recently had the honor of capturing a proposal in West Los Angeles! Kevin had a plan to propose to his long time girlfriend Tiffany while having a picnic in Holmby Park. The midday sun was shining bright, the grass was fresh cut, and there were minimal other guests that day at the park, making it the perfect setting. They enjoyed their lunch and engaged in playful conversation while I snapped away, catching lots of great candid shots while hiding in the bushes!

Kevin and Tiffany Proposal-1 comboKevin and Tiffany Proposal-3

After they ate, Kevin showed Tiffany a small video he had prepared on his phone containing his favorite memories of theirs. Tiffany smiled from ear-to-ear as she reminisced on the highlights of their relationship

Kevin and Tiffany Proposal-4

After the video he stood her up, got down on one knee, and popped the question! It was an amazing moment filled with tears and emotions and I am so honored to have been the one to capture it! I even shed a little tear of joy myself 🙂

Kevin and Tiffany Proposal-5 comboKevin and Tiffany Proposal-7 comboKevin and Tiffany Proposal-9Kevin and Tiffany Proposal-10Kevin and Tiffany Proposal-11Kevin and Tiffany Proposal-12 comboKevin and Tiffany Proposal-14Kevin and Tiffany Proposal-15 comboKevin and Tiffany Proposal-16Kevin and Tiffany Proposal-17Kevin and Tiffany Proposal-18 comboKevin and Tiffany Proposal-21Kevin and Tiffany Proposal-22 combo

Oh and did you see her huge sparkly rock?! It is definitely one of the most gorgeous rings I have ever seen! Obsessed.

Kevin and Tiffany Proposal-23Kevin and Tiffany Proposal-26 comboKevin and Tiffany Proposal-29Kevin and Tiffany Proposal-103Kevin and Tiffany Proposal-110

Congratulations to the newly engaged couple! I am so incredibly happy for you!

Kevin and Tiffany Proposal-139